How does a pulsator washing machine and a drum work?

release time:2019-08-05 14:55:00

Pulsator washing machine

The friction between clothes is used to achieve the effect of laundry. The washing method is relatively rough, so the degree of wear on the clothes is also relatively large.

Drum washing machine

The drum is used to rotate the laundry, toss it up, and simulate hand rubbing to achieve the effect of cleaning the laundry, and the washing degree is uniform, the wear rate is low, and the laundry method is relatively gentle. Therefore, the drum washing machine is smaller than the pulsator washing machine in the damage to the laundry.

Electricity comparison between the two?

The power of a pulsator washing machine is generally about 400 watts, and the laundry market is about 40 minutes; the power of a drum washing machine is 200 watts, and the washing time is about 100 minutes. Therefore, in terms of electricity consumption, pulsator washing machines are more energy efficient than drum washing machines.

Water comparison between the two?

Due to its washing principle, the pulsator washing machine needs to completely soak the clothes in water to wash it; the drum washing machine only needs to wet the clothes and beat them up and down. Therefore, in terms of water saving, drum washing machines are better than pulsator washing machines.

The price difference between the two?

The drum washing machine comes with more functions than the pulsator washing machine, so the price is also more expensive than the pulsator.

Late maintenance of both?

Because the drum washing machine is a popular product in recent years, if the machine is damaged, the accessories are difficult to buy, so it is more expensive to repair than the pulsator washing machine.

The two are beautiful and practical.

Today, it is very popular to place the drum washing machine under the countertop in the bathroom, balcony, etc. This saves space and is beautiful.

Knowledge summarizes

clothing wear, drum better than Washing;

Washing Machine more power than the drum;

drum washing machine more water than the Washing Machine

Washing Machine price is cheaper than the washing machine, and post-maintenance is cheaper;

drum washing machine though beautiful but It is not convenient for families with elderly and pregnant women.

Seeing this, Borosen Decoration thinks that the pulsator washing machine is more suitable for home use than the drum washing machine. What do you think?